Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rachel's haircut!

Rachel was also not wanting a haircut, but something changed her mind, and here it is. First one in a looong time. This was July 1st.

The expanders worked, too! (surprise, Ryan sneaks in the picture)


Grand Mesa Outing

We headed up to the Mesa for a picnic last day of June. The Mosquitoes ate us alive so we didn't stay long, but it was fun.

Teaching the kids to say "quesooooo" instead of cheese.
They caught on well. Spanish prodigies.

And there's my family

and the kids speaking Spanish again

Swimming Lessons

The kids are all swimming so well. They all were fantastic in their lessons and improved so much. Megan wouldn't go in on the first day, but by the end of the two weeks - well, there she is! Dance Pose!

Ryan's Birthday

And Ryan is seven. These are the first post-haircut pictures as well. He fought the idea of a haircut but in the end I think it grew on him. Ha. Grew on him. Yep, those are the jokes. If you knew my grandpa Brown you understand where I get it from.

Kids at the Zoo

While I was on a two-week trip to PerĂº with Spanish students, Katie and the kids headed to Utah, where they reportedly had fun. They also evidently enjoyed posing with the animal statues. Here's Aunt Amy, Ray-Ray, Megan, cousin Caleb, Ryan, and KC

that is a good looking ice cream cone
Just a bun - Raybo doesn't like hot dogs

Megan and Cheetos.

I think KC is the one in red. :)

Megan's Birthday

Megan turned four while I was in PerĂº. Happy birthday!! Cool cake by Grandma G.

Kindergarten Day at Moon Farm

So here is Ryan enjoying one of the unique places in our valley:
Moon Farm in Fruita. I remember coming here when I was a kid, and I remember this big slide, which Ryan obviously enjoyed as well.

Check out that long hair - it's gone now

There are pony rides, a space ship, a tree house, a train ride, and tons of other things that little kids think are pretty cool.

Video of Ryan at Moon Farm

Megan's Big Dance Recital

Megan absolutely loved her dance class this past school year. This was her final recital in May, and she was sooo ready.

And then she fell asleep on the way
But then made a full recovery just in time to dance!!!!

First she had to stretch out and get warmed up, of course.

Ryan's thoughts before the show

Strawberry Shortcake Dance

The dancing was great, but the music reminded me of a Strawberry Shortcake record my little sister had when we were little - most annoying high squealy singing voice EVER. I think the record "accidentally" was broken or disappeared. Anyway, random memory. Back to enjoying the cuteness of three-year-old dancing girls.

Megan's Minnie Mouse Dance

After the costume change

Ryan sneaks in a lot of pictures, doesn't he.

She danced in the Minnie Mouse Brigade

Rachel being musical

This also happened while I was in Denver with the 2010 Southwestern League champions, undefeated in duel matches, GW Invite champs, the Fruita Monument Wildcat girls tennis team. Rachel was in a class show. Ryan had one earlier, but the pictures were terrible (my bad). Anyway, Rachel was a triple threat, with her:
Singing a duet
Playing in the recorder ensemble
and her other threat is her devastating change-up. I guess she didn't really bring that out at the show. But I wasn't there so I just think of her as a triple threat. One time she knocked out KC's tooth with, well I guess that was more of a fastball - anyway...

Good Bye, Old Hot Water Heater - We Barely Knew Ye

End of April, while I'm in Denver with the tennis team (10-0, SWL Champs), while we're winning the 16-team George Washington Invitational (that's right, 1st place), while the Lady Wildcats dominated the opposition on the courts, the hot water heater back home pooped right on out. So that was fun. Katie handled it like a pro, and Brother Krebbs was called in, etc etc. Now we are re-doing our kitchen, dining room, and laundry room floors with the help of the insurance payment and some great friends who have know-how and tools (Tobler's rule!).

Rachel pitching

So you can barely see her but Rachel decided to try little league this year, and she had a lot of fun. Here she is, ready to uncork a raging fastball or possibly a devastating change-up. Most importantly, she had fun. KC played baseball, too, but sadly, no pictures. Boo.

Megan playing dress-up

This is around April, I think - pretty much nothing happened from Thanksgiving until April, I'm pretty sure. Except we got a Wii. But anyway, here's Megan again with her friend Suzie Q Holmes and I'm not sure who the girl on the bottom is.

Fox Run Park - Thanksgiving 2009 Colorado Springs

So, it's only been a little over 7 months - time to get something on the blog! Other people are so much better at this, but at least I'll get some pictures up there, even if they are getting old.


Sun too bright

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Halloween 2009

KC the Knight, Rachel and Megan the Fairy Princesses, and Ryan the Batman.

PAWS Awards!!!

The kids celebrate Rachel's Good Citizenship Award. Ryan got one from his teacher, too, and KC received one from the PE teacher. Who would have predicted that? Way to go kids!

Back to School

So, it's obviously been a while since an update. Happens to the best of us, I know. So, now that it's almost New Year's, you should know that Ryan started kindergarten. We're too close to the school for him to ride the bus, but the kindergarten bus driver goes right by our house on her route, so she offered to pick him up every day. There he is on day 1. Rachel started 4th grade and KC 2nd.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Aspen Grove Family Reunion!!!

We had so much fun at Aspen Grove. It's a beautiful place, and all 42 of Karen Davis's descendants were there. And there were sports tournaments! Utopia.

KC rocked the climbing wall.
Rachel and cousin Ben shot things. I hope they weren't aiming at those on the climbing wall.

KC panned for gold, and found quite a bit. Amazing!

Ryan being cool, showing off the dimple with cousins McKay and Dallin.

Fun Times at the Family Reunion

Oh, the cafeteria! So great to not have to worry about any kitchen chores for a week! Show up, eat, and, go play some more!! Meet cousin Jake in this picture.

The swinging couch was good for Rachel, Jax, Anna, and Megan
I had the unique opportunity of playing tennis against President Monson's grandson. He is ranked #4 in the state of UT, and would probably be #1 if he played as many tournaments as the other guys. We had a very good, hard-fought match, which he was forced to retire at 4-4 in the 3rd set. He got upset with himself, and his dad (the Prophet's son, Clark) told him he was done, and to go shake hands. Did I mention he was 12 years old? Anyway, this is me, sweaty and victorious.

KC enjoyed the face painting. His choice of design shows very good taste. Or have I cursed him to a life of despair?

Aspen Grove Adventures

KC enjoyed the pool with his orange goggles.

I like how Jax joined our family picture